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Paint Protection Film Dubai

We have never compromise on quality and will never do. We provide what your car needs! We offer everything related to car care. We are Best Paint Protection Film ( Car PPF ) and Car Detailing Services in Dubai, here when your car needs care.

What We Do

Paint Protection Film – PPF

Keep your car looking showroom fresh with Paint Protection Film services in Dubai! Our expert team provides seamless installation, safeguarding your vehicle from chips, scratches, and environmental damage. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your paint is protected while maintaining your car’s sleek appearance. Enhance your vehicle’s longevity and aesthetic – contact us today!

Wrapping | Foiling

Transform your car’s appearance with professional car wrapping in Dubai! Our team delivers flawless wraps that protect your vehicle’s paint and add a touch of personal style. Stand out on the road while safeguarding against scratches and UV damage. Elevate your ride with our expert car wrapping services – contact us now for a sleek new look!

Car Window Tinting

Revamp your ride with the best car window tinting in Dubai! Enjoy enhanced privacy, sun protection, and a sleek look. Our skilled team uses top-quality tint films for a precise, glare-free finish. Say goodbye to heat and harmful UV rays while elevating your car’s style. Get in touch for expert window tinting services in UAE today!

Car Upholstery

Elevate your driving experience with bespoke car interior modification and car upholstery services in dubai! From luxurious upholstery upgrades to advanced tech installations, our team specializes in transforming your car’s interior to suit your style and needs. Enjoy a personalized and comfortable space on every journey. Contact us today for a tailored interior upgrade!


Revitalize your car’s shine with our professional car polishing services in dubai! Our expert team gently buffs away imperfections, restoring your vehicle’s glossy finish. Say goodbye to dullness and hello to a showroom-worthy sparkle. Treat your car to a rejuvenating polish – contact us now for a mirror-like shine!

Ceramic Coating

Give your car the ultimate shield with our Car Ceramic Coating services in Dubai! Our team applies a strong, glossy coating that protects your vehicle from scratches, UV rays, and dirt buildup. Enjoy an easy-to-clean finish that keeps your car looking stunning for longer. Treat your ride to lasting brilliance – reach out to us today!

Cleaning & Detailing

Experience the ultimate clean with our professional Cleaning & Detailing services in Dubai! From thorough interior vacuuming to meticulous exterior polishing, our expert team ensures your car sparkles inside and out. Trust us to leave no spot untouched, so you can enjoy a fresh, pristine ride. Contact us for a detailing session that will leave your car shining!

Super Wash

Experience the ultimate clean with our Super Car Wash service in Al Qouz, Dubai! Our expert team provides a thorough, top-to-bottom cleaning to leave your vehicle spotless and refreshed. Say goodbye to dirt and grime, and hello to a squeaky-clean ride. Pamper your car with our Super Car Wash – contact us today for a sparkling finish!

About Us

AAR LUXE – We are Best Car PPF Services and Car Detailing Services in Dubai. Our only target is to be the no. 1 when it comes to Car care in Dubai.  We perform car wrapping, paint protection film, car detailing, ceramic coating car cleaning, car foiling, car window tinting, and a lot more things. We are providing Body kit for All Type Car Just like Tesla, Lamborghini, Ferrari, G63, Brabus and more car. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or requests regarding car care. We are a stable and established company in Dubai with many years under our belt. All our staff is highly trained and we use state-of-the-art technology for all our services. Our high quality windows tints last longer in hot weather like Dubai.

Very professional, very courteous and they manage to make my dirty car sparkle like it’s new! Highly recommend.
Karthik Ayyar
Karthik Ayyar
Very professional, courteous and highly recommended! Kuddos to Hafeet, Maria and Muhammad! Keep it up! Will definitely see you again!
James Carijutan
James Carijutan
Best place in town if you need to get your car sorted out, honestly! I have brought my car there after my kids ruined it from the inside. It also had a lot of scratches from the outside. No joiking, the car looks like the first day I collected it from the dealer brand new. Thank you Mohamed and team for your superb work!!!
Island Holidays
Island Holidays
Amazing people and top quality work. I got the ceramic coating done on my car here and just by looking at the work they did, I can tell that it’s done professionally. Thank you Mr. Nestor :)
Majid Hussain
Majid Hussain

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Our Work speaks for itself when it comes to quality service. Customer satisfaction is our main priority so we make that each and ever single car that passes through our garage gets the best possible service. We have attained a great amount of customer retention throughout the year with our services and we are the #1 choice for customers whenever they have a problem.

Easy Online Booking

Easy and quick bookings through our website and Whatsapp.

Neat Work and Fast Delivery

Best in class clean service and by respecting time – fastest delivery.

Pro Experienced Workers

The crew we have AAR Luxe is expert in its craft & individual skills.

Standard Pricing & Offers

We give perfect estimations and competitive pricing as per market trends.

Guaranteed Services

Customer is the VIP for us so our staff make sures about quality service.

Support after Delivery

Pick up from any location in Dubai and delivery on time when job is done.

Car Wash in Dubai

We offer a manual car wash, Our fast and professional car wash experts will clean your vehicle’s exterior while you wait. This manual service will fully clean your car’s paintwork, alloy wheels, tyres, windows and mirrors, removing sand, dust and dirt and leaving your vehicle gleaming with a professional finish.


Ceramic Coating

We work with premium quality materials and adding ceramic finish will increase its resale price. Less car wash will required after ceramic coating. We do surface decontamination, paint, surface coating and UV protection. Our materials are resistant to temperature & chemical.


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